Residential Internet Pricing


  • $69.95/mo
  • Pricelock for LIFE!

    *one time offer, $99.95 regular price

  • 100x100

  • $39.95/mo
  • 200x200

  • $59.95/mo
  • 300x300

  • $79.95/mo

CTI Protection Plan for: $9.95/mo

This plan includes repairs/replacements of Internet, phone and TV lines inside the home, gives a discounted rate for onsite assistance, and provides remote device support.

Residential Phone Pricing

  • Basic Phone

  • $19.95/mo
  • Stand alone price is $31.95
  • Enhanced Phone

  • $34.95/mo
  • Stand alone price is $46.95
Caller ID:                                          $3.95/mo
Voicemail:                                        $4.95/mo
Unlimited Long Distance:             $9.95/mo
Digital Phone Feature Pack:         $9.95/mo

-Caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, 3 way calling, call waiting

Residential TV Pricing

  • Basic TV

  • $19.95/mo
  • Stand alone price is $39.95
  • Enhanced TV

  • $49.95/mo
  • Stand alone price is $79.95
  • Deluxe TV

  • $69.95/mo
  • Stand alone price is $99.95
 Add HD:                                $6.95/mo
Add DVR Service:                   $9.95/mo
Add Whole Home DVR:         $11.95/mo
Add Pause Live TV Service:    $5.00/mo

Choose 1 for $19.95/mo, choose 2 or more $15.00ea/mo

Additional Set Top Boxes are 6.95 ea/month (Required for each TV, the first Set Top Box is free)

All prices are per month and do not include taxes. TV customers will be subject to a $20.00/month broadcasting and networking fee.