• Confirm that the power light is green on the front of your ADB set top box. If it is red push the “STB” button and then the Power button on the ADB remote. The red light means that the set top box is turned off; the green light indicates it is on.


  • If your TV loses sound, picture, or freezes press the “on/off” switch on the back of the set top. If this does not correct the problem, unplug the power (black cord) from the back for a 30 seconds and then plug it back in. This will reboot the box and will allow it to reload all settings. This process can take three or four minutes and when complete your TV will come back on to Channel 3. At this point you can go back to what you were watching.


  • If your TV is on the wrong Input or Channel, you may not have picture or sound. Should this happen, check to make sure your TV is on channel 3 if hooked up with a coax cable. You can use your regular TV remote or press the “TV” button on the ADB remote and type 03 on the keypad to get the TV back on Channel 3. This also happens when your TV is on the wrong Input for A/V inputs. To check the inputs you can use your regular TV remote or press the “TV” button on the ADB remote, and at the bottom of the ADB remote on the left side press the “TV/Video Input” button. This button will switch between inputs on your TV. Once you are on the correct Input your picture and sound should return.


  • After your TV is back on the correct channel or Input, press the “STB” button to put the set top box back in control.


  • If you turn the set top box “Closed Caption” on and don’t want it on, press the “CC” button on the bottom right side of the ADB remote. This should turn it off. Some TV’s also have Closed Caption built in. If Closed Caption does not turn off after following the steps above, check your TV to verify it is turned off within the TV set itself.


If you continue to experience problems please call our office.

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