CTI has completed a fiber to the home/business network in Taylorville, Nokomis, Hillsboro, Pana, Rochester, Edinburg, Stonington, Witt, Irving, and Owaneco, Illinois. This fiber optic network provides over 15,000 homes with access to gigabit internet service, crystal clear TV service and high definition voice service.  Currently we are deploying our network in Raymond, Litchfield, Greenville, Kincaid, and Blue Mound, Illinois.  Once completed our service footprint will expand to over 30,000 homes.  We are continuously seeking new opportunities for expansion.


A fiber optic network brings many benefits to a community.  It not only provides consumers with a fast, reliable connection, it also stimulates economic growth for a community.

We are always excited to expand our service area. If your community is interested in our services, please complete the pre-sign up form and ask others in your community to do the same.  The pre-sign up forms aren’t contracts.  They are forms that allow us to gauge interest for our services in a specific community.  

Direct anyone in your community who is interested in Fiber services to pre-signup today by clicking below!