Cut the cord!

What is cutting the cord?

With the growing cost of traditional pay TV, cord cutting is becoming a popular new trend. Cord cutting is simply leaving traditional pay TV behind and turning to “cablelike” streaming subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, as well as many more. Most subscription services offer free trials for you to test them out and see what is right for you.

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Why should I do it?

 Because streaming services are significantly cheaper, cord cutting allows you to watch the same live and on demand TV channels while helping you save money. You’ve probably experienced it. 200 channels and nothing to watch. If this is the way you feel, then you might want to consider cutting the cord. By limiting content and focusing on popular shows these services can provide a better TV experience on your schedule. Shows uploaded onto streaming sites are automatically saved, so you would no longer have to record the shows you do not want to miss. Most streaming services offer recommendations based on other shows that you have watched and add the ones you would like to your feed, making it easier to find new shows that fit your interests.

How can I do it?

To become a cord cutter, and have a great experience, you need great internet. With faster internet, streaming services will work more efficiently and smoothly. Next, check if you have a smart TV. Most TVs now contain built in apps for you to stream channels on. If you do not own a smart TV, that’s OK, you can invest in a streaming device such as a streaming stick, or game console. You can utilize the free trials of many of the streaming services above to find out which one might work best for you and have the shows you are interested in.

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