Business Solutions

Fiber Internet


We customize our internet packages to optimize your business and fit your needs. Our speeds range from 50 Mbps to 1 Gigabit. Our Fiber Optic Internet Service is fast and reliable, creating a more productive workplace, ultimately saving your company time and money.

Fiber Phone


Our phone service ensures a crisp, clear phone conversation. Switching is easy! No down time and we will take care of everything. You can even keep your existing number.

50×50 Mbps

  • $59.00/mo

100×100 Mbps

  • $119.00/mo

200×200 Mbps

  • $199.00/mo

1000×1000 Mbps- Gigabit

  • Small business (1-4 users)- $299.95/mo
  • Medium business (5-10 users)- $399.95/mo
  • Large business (10+ users)- $499.95/mo
  • Dedicated link- $2,000/mo
    • Symmetrical gigabit transport

Static IP Address- $25.00/mo for first IP, $5.00/mo for each additional IP

  • Basic phone- $34.95/mo
    • Stand alone phone- $46.95/mo (not bundled with any other service)
  • Busy call forwarding (rollover line)- $9.95/line/mo
  • Distinctive ring- $3.95/line/mo
  • Fax line- $34.95/line/mo
  • E-fax- $19.95/line /mo
  • Unlimited long distance- $19.95/line/mo
    • Without unlimited long distance, $0.05/minute
  • Digital feature pack- $9.95/line/mo
    • Includes Caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, 3 way calling, and call waiting
      • Caller ID- $3.95/line/mo
      • Voicemail- $4.95/line/mo
      • Call forwarding- $3.95/line/mo
      • 3 way calling- $3.95/line/mo
      • Call waiting- $3.95/line/mo
  • Hosted phone solution
    • Includes Caller ID, voicemail, and unlimited long distance
      • 3-10 phones- *$50.00/phone
      • 11-30 phones- *$40.00/phone
      • 31-50 phones-*$30.00/phone
      • 51+ phones- *$22.50/phone
        • *phones not included

IT Consulting


Our IT and Communication Services integrate seamlessly to keep your business running efficiently. Our consultants have the knowledge to address any problem big or small. We specialize in network design and server deployment. We can support all of your business needs.
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Phone Systems


Looking for a new phone system? Our Digium Phone Systems provide you with the power to communicate where and how you want.
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