About Us

CTI is a technology company that was started in 1998 by Adam Vocks and Billy Williams of Taylorville, IL. CTI is a forward-looking company and over the years we have accumulated a number of “firsts” in our market. We were the first company to provide digital 56K dial-up modem service in Taylorville, we were the first company to provide DSL service in Taylorville, we were the first company to successfully deploy fixed wireless Internet in Taylorville, we are the first and only company to provide fiber to the home to Taylorville, and we are the first and only provider to offer Gigabit Internet service in Taylorville. CTI employs dedicated team members who have collectively set the standard of service for our Industry. Our fiber technology allows our company to provide levels of service and support that our Industry can’t compete with.


Our Staff

Billy Williams

Billy Williams / President

Adam Vocks

Adam Vocks / Vice-President

Bobbie Durbin

Bobbie Durbin / General Manager

Dustin Jones / Office Manager

Jeff Durbin

Jeff Durbin / IT Operations Manager

Jim Humphrey

Jim Humphrey / Outside Plant Manager

Amy Vocks

Amy Vocks / Accounting

Erin Allen

Erin Allen / Billing Department 

Aaron Bialis

Aaron Bialas / Network Engineer

Brittny Rueff / Administrative Assistant

Jeremy Anderson / Marketing Coordinator

Thomas Meneghetti / Programmer

Jennifer Lasswell

Jennifer Lasswell / Fiber Operations

Kyle Las / Fiber Installer

Logan Kile / Fiber Technician

Michael Cothern

Michael Cothern / Technician

Emily Dancer / Sales Representative 

Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards / Fiber Technician

Dominic Fallin / Fiber Technician

Mike Gartshore / System Administrator

Chris Jack / Technician

Reva Kennedy / In House Technician

Kurtis Land / Network Administrator 

Doug Hughes / Fiber Technician

William Schmidt

William Schmidt / Fiber Installer

Keith Swigert / Land Restoration

Micah Dixon / Fiber Installer

Brad Williams

Brad Williams / Fiber Splicer

Josh Gross / Fiber Technician

Miranda Lovett / Marketing Assistant

Lisa Casterline / Community Relations